Back With The Pack: Heather Graham Returns To 'The Hangover'

Back With The Pack: Heather Graham Returns To 'The Hangover' When "The Hangover: Part II" sent The Wolfpack jetting over the Pacific to Bangkok, there was one big heart o' gold conspicuously absent.

Fear not. With the "The Hangover: Part III" quite possibly the finale, that's been rectified, according to Variety. Heather Graham is back as Jade, the stripper as sweet as she is sexy.

Her joining up virtually guarantees that the third installment will come appropriately full-circle to a complete reunion of the original. Ed Helms (Stu), Zack Galifianakis (Alan), Justin Bartha (Doug) and Bradley Cooper (Phil) are all confirmed to finish what they've started. In addition, for the sake of the remaining iconic supporting color, Ken Jeong is back and joined by Mike Epps.

One would think a Mike Tyson cameo should be a given.

In the first, Jade's quickie marriage to Stu was one of the biggies among the many, many blanks to be filled in of Doug's last night of bachelorhood. The sequel, of course, focused on Stu and The Pack heading overseas for him to marry Lauren (played by Jamie Chung) with Jade left stateside. Truth be told, that Jade and Stu are probably about to meet again is probably the closest existing thing to a confirmed plot point right now.

Writer-director Todd Phillips has said previously that he's always envisioned "The Hangover" as a trilogy. That's not to say a hit comedy franchise has ever been held off exceeding three chapters, but closing out the unfinished business between Jade and Stu would be among the loose threads that should be tied up before (theoretically) closing up shop.

Regardless of whether "The Hangover: Part II" was substantially profitable - of course, it was, to the tune of $581.5 million grossed on its $80-million budget - it would probably be best to see this saga leave its audience wanting more with one more successful chapter rather than spreading itself too thin. Though audiences loved the sequel, critics had a tendency to savage it as being too much a carbon copy of the original.

That said, it's still so welcome to see a franchise of any kind that goes out with nearly its entire original cast back to take a final bow.

And for your viewing pleasure, watch The Hangover Part 2 Clip: "Happened Again" below:

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