Bar Brawl Gives Chris Brown a Gash While Drake Splits

Bar Brawl Gives Chris Brown a Gash While Drake Splits Put two egotistical rappers/singers in a bar, and you're bound to get something like this: early Thursday morning, at a bar in New York City, a brawl broke out between Chris Brown's entourage and Drake's crew, according to TMZ.

The two musicians were sitting at different tables in the VIP section, when apparently rapper Meek Mill, part of Drake's crew, started talking trash to Brown. Brown and his crew responded until the two entourages were all yelling trash talk at each other, before finally starting to throw punches. In the scuffle, Brown got hit in the face with a bottle and had a cut on his chin when he left the bar. Drake reportedly got out before the violence started.

Brown tweeted about the incident after, with a picture of his cut chin: "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!" tweeted Brown, according to TMZ. The tweet has since been removed from Brown's Twitter account, as many of Brown's tweets are these days.

Eventually the cops were called in when security failed to quell the fight, and five people ended up injured from the melee. The pictures from the aftermath should give an idea of how big the scuffle was:

Chris Brown Drake Fight Gash

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