Bart Simpson Struts NY Fashion Show's Catwalk

Bart Simpson Struts NY Fashion Show's Catwalk Well, Bart Simpson has successfully conquered television, film, video games, and even music (don't pretend you've forgotten "Do The Bartman".)


Sure. Why not?

I admittedly don't know Thing One about the "rules" of fashion. Sure, I have some high-end dress shirts and a some decent suits. But my high-style concept consists of maybe pairing a blazer with my Silver Star t-shirt when I go out, or writing while wearing my many-moons-old red Deftones or kickin' Bayside Tigers shirt. So it stands to reason that I have no idea "who" Jeremy Scott is - in the sense of notoriety, of course - except that he's a fashion designer showcased recently during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and clearly has embraced both pop culture and the internet.

And I only know that much after seeing the pictures below on PAPERMAG and BuzzFeed and following my "What the Hell is this, I don't even...?" to some basic information.

Oh, gather this much, too: he really, really digs "The Simpsons." So much so, that he dolled up demon Spawn of Gaga-looking models - one of whom may prove that Krusty the Clown sired a daughter; I'll let you guess which - in garb adorned with Bart's grinning mug more than any clothing seen since the George H.W. Bush Administration.

Geeks, nerds, fan-children of all ages . . . beware. Anything that edges this close to "retro" risks hipsteritis contamination. Preserve the sanctity of our innocent fandoms. "The Simpsons" are not immune. Not even close. Don't believe me? Think they're just too low-brow? Too lacking in inherent irony?

Pabst. Blue. Ribbon. How'd we miss that one catching on?

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