Before Oscars, Seth Rogen Rips Brett Ratner, Chris Brown

Before Oscars, Seth Rogen Rips Brett Ratner, Chris Brown Should the long-rumored "Daredevil" reboot ever happen, Seth Rogen simply must play Bullseye.

Apparently, he already has this uncanny knack with knocking out two targets with one shot.

Zap2It reports that while hosting Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, the "50/50" co-star laid into not only deposed 84th Academy Awards producer Brett Ratner, but with the same single well-placed verbal shell, controversial and loathed 2012 Grammy-winner for Best R&B Album and Most Despised Woman-Beater Chris Brown.

Recall that not only was "Rush Hour" and "Red Dragon" director Ratner set to produce Sunday night's show, but he also had talked pal and "Tower Heist" star Eddie Murphy into hosting. It was all going so very well. Then Ratner fired off a gay slur during a Q&A that followed a "Tower Heist" screening last November. Ratner was quickly deposed, and Murphy followed him right out the door. As a result, America welcomed Billy Crystal back to the stage of what Crystal dubbed the "Your-Name-Here Theater" Sunday night in Murphy's stead.

Rogen apparently isn't the forgetful type.

"The best thing to come of awards season is we learned what a horrible bigot Brett Ratner is," Rogen said during the awards Saturday hosting gig. Even then, he's apparently cool with helping Ratner job-hunt. "At the Grammys, you can literally beat the s*** out of a nominee and be asked to perform twice."

There's been no response - yet - from Brown (oh, but you know it's coming, and that he'll claim not to know who Rogen is...), but Ratner seemingly took the pot-shot well.

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