Ben Stiller Speaks Up for 'Man Children' (VIDEO)

Ben Stiller wants every man-child to know that he’s not only looking out for them – he was once a man-child himself.

In an Onion PSA that sheds awareness on Shaken Man-Child Syndrome, Stiller reveals that he was an adult-child until the age of 42.

“I had a cat that I ironically named dog,” he confesses. “I would put ketchup on my rice and noodles, and the only art object that I owned was a replica of Mister Spock’s Vulcan Harp.”

Stiller (jokingly) reports that Shaken Man-child Syndrome is the second leading cause of adult-children death, after choking on chicken wings.

He takes the personal cause to heart: many of his fans are men-children he says, which is why the “Zoolander” star takes time to visit victims and speak up on their behalf.

He’s always inspired by their courage and ability quote lines from “Along Came Polly” or give him a fist bump.

Stiller warns parents to never shake a man-child, no matter how angry they get.

Catch the spoof, here: