The Top 10 Reasons BET's 'The Game' Star Tia Mowry is Excited to be Preggars

The Top 10 Reasons BET's 'The Game' Star Tia Mowry is Excited to be Preggars As Tia Mowry’s ‘The Game’ character, Melanie, comes down with baby fever while struggling through fertility issues, Mowry shared a look at why she’s super excited to be pregnant in real life.

As UsWeekly reported back in January, Mowry is expecting a child in on July 3rd.

Her pregnancy will be documented on a new reality show this summer for The Style Network. Her “Sister, Sister” costar (and twin), Tamera Mowry, will join her on the series.

In an interview last month, Mowry gave BET’s Angel Elliot the top five reasons she's excited about the pregnancy:

1. She’s always wanted to be a mother!

“All my friends say I am naturally a caregiver. I truly enjoy serving. That is what gives me joy. So, I can't wait to serve, protect and just give all that I have”


“I have so much love to give. My love is overflowing and I can't wait to just share my life and express and provide my love to my baby boy.”

3. Child’s play?

“I am still a kid at heart, and I hear kids are fun. I can't wait to play and just be a kid again with my child. I'm looking forward to throwing birthday parties, hanging out at the park, family days at the zoo and amusement parks. Just being a kid again!”

4. For Tradition 

“I want to experience life and what the world has to offer through my son's eyes. When we get older, Christmas and certain holidays become routine. To experience what life has to offer from someone else's perspective is going to be rewarding and a new, exciting adventure.”

5. For the Father

“I desire to raise a man of God and son who respects and appreciates his surroundings.  I am looking forward to loving him unconditionally and guiding my son to be the best man God has intended for him to be.”

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