Beverly Hills 'Real Housewife' Kim Richards Enters Rehab

Beverly Hills 'Real Housewife' Kim Richards Enters Rehab Personal demons have taken their toll on yet another "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" cast member.

Beverly Hills "Housewife" Kim Richards entered a rehab facility Friday to confront long-standing issues with alcohol abuse, RadarOnline reports.

Richards, 47, has spoken candidly on the show about the fact that she often takes a cocktail of prescriptions of Lexapro, Trazadone and Topamax. One source claims there have been awkward moments recently because of her substance abuse.

"On Thanksgiving Kim was stumbling and stuttering. It's her normal," the source told the website.

The same source revealed that several years ago, Richards spent time in a rehab facility after nearly dying of alcohol poisoning. Richards was allegedly saved in that incident by her youngest daughter finding her passed out on the floor and calling 911. She already ended season one of the Bravo reality series with a drunken throwdown with her sister, Kyle Richards.

"She's desperate for anything to make her relevant but it hasn't yielded any offers for her, unlike Kyle, Adrienne or Taylor," the source said. "Her family has been supporting her financially for most of her adult life."

Hm. Perhaps referencing Taylor Armstrong's "relevance" wasn't the wisest choice of words. This season, she's been a focal point largely because her husband Russell committed suicide this past August shortly before the current season's premiere, causing hurried editing of many episodes.

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