Beyond Scarlett: Nude Celebrity Cellphone Pic Investigation Widening

When alleged nude pictures stolen from Scarlett Johansson's personal cell phone emerged online, the actress immediately contacted the FBI under the suspicion that the phone had in fact been hacked. Now it sounds like Johansson may not have been the only one.

FBI Spokesperson Laura Eimiller told the L.A. Times that the scandal could potentially affect other entertainment figures.

"I can confirm that the FBI is investigating a series of computer intrusions targeting high-profile figures," said Eimiller.

"This would include many devices — could mean a computer, desktop, laptop, iPad, cell phone ... intrusions into personal online accounts too." she said.

Other celebrities who have complained about being hacked include Mila Kunis, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, and Christina Aguilera. TMZ recently reported that several hacked pics of Kunis nude in a pool and one with Justin Timberlake have recently emerged.

When the pictures of Johansson hit celebrity sites, there was speculation that they were fakes, or potentially Photoshopped. If so, her lawyers are taking an awful lot of serious action to assure no one circulates fake pictures.

According to MTV News, Johansson's lawyer has "issued letters to websites that are running the photos — one of which shows her topless, another shows her standing with a towel covering her front side with her butt exposed in a mirror — noting that they must take the photos down and that they are 'stolen copyright protected private photographs.'"