Big Brother - Season 14 Episode 11 Recap

Big Brother - Season 14 Episode 11 Recap Episode 11 of the 14th season of Big Brother was supposed to be the weekly live eviction show, but a twist effectively "reset" the show back to the beginning.

Since the previous week's eviction episode viewers had been able to vote on whether or not to allow the coaches (former beloved and sometimes hated houseguests Mike "Boogie" Malin, Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling and Britney Haneys) to re-enter the game as players and compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

During the 11th episode, host Julie Chen announced the twist and said America had voted to give the coaches a chance to return to the game.

However, the twist was not finished there. Chen announced that the coaches could return to the game, but if they chose that option there would be some repercussions.

The reigning Head of Household, Shane Meaney, would be able to compete for the honor for the second week in a row, and the two houseguests on the block for eviction, Frank Eudy and Joe Arvin, would stay in the house another week. Coming back into the game would not have worked out great for Boogie, who had all of his players remaining. However it was too good a chance to pass up for the other coaches since Dan and Britney were down to one player each and Janelle's players were turning against her.

From there, coaches entered the diary room one at a time and were asked to hit a big, red "Reset" button if they wanted to end their coaching duties and become individual players once again. The only coach to not hit the button was Boogie, though Britney did think hard about her decision first.

After Julie announced the results, the houseguests reacted, somewhat appropriately, with dismay since all of their game plans had been turned on their heads. But it was only a few moments before they were all directed to the backyard for the Head of Household competition.

In the yard they were greeted with a large, shallow pool and a giant pirate ship. After the commercial break viewers saw the houseguests, including Shane and all of the former coaches, standing with their backs to the ship on small "planks" jutting from the side of the wooden structure. They each had nothing but a bar to hold onto in what seemed to be a really tough endurance competition for the ultimate power in the house.

As the show ended, Julie announced that the seas were getting rough, and the boat began to rock. No winner was known as the credits began to roll.

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