'The Big C' Renewed for One More Season Before Cancellation

'The Big C' Renewed for One More Season Before Cancellation Everyone, say your farewells to Cathy. "The Big C" is finished.

Showtime's critically acclaimed dramedy has been renewed for just one more season, and will kick the bucket when it's done. That will bring the cancer show (we'll call it the "other" cancer show, since "Breaking Bad" clearly holds that title) to a close after four seasons and a number of Emmy nominations.

The season will be a short one, though: this final run will be only four episodes, each an hour long. With this and "Weeds" ending, Showtime has itself some spaces to fill.

One of the problems with "The Big C" has been its meddling in the affairs of award shows: it's neither full comedy nor total drama, so it often ends up in the comedy category, (as does Laura Linney) taking away possible spots for more deserving shows (coughCommunitycough). Fortunately, the panel at TCA revealed that the show's categorization for the Emmys will be under discussion. Here's hoping there's a hop to drama.

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