Blake Shelton of 'The Voice' Wishes Simon Cowell Wouldn't 'Bitch and Moan'

Blake Shelton of 'The Voice' Wishes Simon Cowell Wouldn't 'Bitch and Moan' "The Voice" is known for its trash talking between the four mentors (particularly between Christina Aguilera and everyone else), but the show's latest move has now expanded the trash talking across networks.

You may remember last week when "The Voice" announced that it would be airing blind auditions episodes over three nights, with the Wednesday night telecast competing directly with the season two premiere of "The X Factor." Simon Cowell took great personal offense to the move, calling it "unprofessional" and saying that the network had violated a "gentleman's agreement."

Well, Blake Shelton of "The Voice" wasn't about to stand for that. The country singer, whose contestant won the recent second season of "The Voice," says that Cowell has been going off on his little rants since their show premiered its first season.

"Every time I turn around the guy is mouthing off," said Shelton. "Don't y'all wish you had time to bitch and moan like that? It's like, 'Do you own show! Come on! Put something together there and do you thing.'"

Shelton went on: "We'll just do ours and we won't mouth off about you. I wish I had that much time. The guy must just have more free time than he knows what to do with."

Dunno about that, but he does have a very nice yacht and the fanciest trailer I've ever seen. So I'm siding with Shelton on this one.

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