'Boardwalk Empire' Season 2, Episode 5 Preview Clips: 'Gimcrack and Bunkum'

'Boardwalk Empire' Season 2, Episode 5 Preview Clips: 'Gimcrack and Bunkum' The thing about traitors is that they are much like spouses who cheat. All too often, the mistress finds out that she too is being cheated on, that the problem with the cheater is that they in fact have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

Such appears to be the case in "Boardwalk Empire" in the latest preview clips from Sunday's episode.

Nucky's broher Eli realizes that if he continues to align himself with JImmy, who is now in trouble after Nucky has blown up his barn full of liquor, he will end up in even more serious trouble than he is already in.

So he spills the beans to Nucky about the Commodore's stroke, which Jimmy has been trying to keep under wraps.

In the other preview clip below, we watch Nucky expose Jimmy's weakness, playing games by having him speak at a veteran's event. Jimmy may be uncomfortable with the scenario he's now in, but it seems that he may not be such a pushover after all, and shows that he has his own concept of loyalty towards Richard.

It looks like things are just going to keep getting more violent on the Boardwalk...

Watch preview clips from the next episode of "Boardwalk Empire":

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