'Bones' Cast Member Comes To NBC's 'Grimm'

'Bones' Cast Member Comes To NBC's 'Grimm' There's a temporary "squintern" opening with the Jeffersonian Institute. I believe resumes can be shipped off to "idontknowwhatthatmeans@jeffersonian.gov."

FOX's "Bones" isn't showing too many signs of age headed into its eighth season, but one longtime cast member is branching out. Michael Grant Terry, who plays faithful, capable intern Wendell Bray, will appear for a multi-episode stint on NBC's "Grimm" to deal with things somehow stranger than he has been since 2008 with Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Easy, everybody. Breathe. He'll be missed as the affable guy women want to be with and the guys wouldn't mind having a beer with, but TVGuide.com reports it's not exactly a permanent gig. In fact, he's taking a sabatical from an internship to accept an internship.

He'll be playing Ryan Smulson, a Portland Police Department intern with designs on becoming a detective. Word is, he'll have a possibly leg-humping man crush on role model Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli.) There's little known so far of just how many episodes he'll be around, but his character is said to pop up right around the season's eighth episode.

This does raise just this one interesting question, though: Ye Gods, how does one nab a four-year internship? I suddenly want to staple things to the head of any college advisor who never told me about those! And he's paid, too!

Maybe that's the key right there: maybe he realized law enforcement had a faster career track, even if he has to keep supposedly mythical creatures in line along the way.

Yikes. If I stretch much further to keep my suspension of disbelief loose, I'll be buying out a Walgreens of Ben-gay.