'Breaking Bad' Midseason Finale Preview Clip: Lydia Knows Too Much

'Breaking Bad' Midseason Finale Preview Clip: Lydia Knows Too Much If you're reading this on Sunday, you're probably counting down the hours until the midseason finale of "Breaking Bad." The first seven episodes have been quite a ride, culminating in last week's shocking (and breathtaking) ending.

Naturally there are spoilers ahead, so if you didn't see "Say My Name," stop reading now!

In this preview clip for the eighth episode in the show's final season, we witness a meeting between the jittery Lydia and Walt, masquerading in plain sight as Heisenberg. Walt is looking for the list of names, Mike's "guys" who are now just loose ends, which he was demanding from Mike at the end of last week's episode.

But Lydia, a little more savvy and in control now than she has been thus far, isn't so quick to give up the names. She knows she has a trump card, and she has even managed to piece together the fact that Mike, as she puts it, "isn't a factor." If only she knew to what extent.

It would not be at all surprising to see the body count rise in tomorrow's finale, as it more or less acts as a season finale even though season five technically continues next summer. "Breaking Bad" is known for some big deaths and major cliffhangers in their season finales, so could it be that Lydia is the next to go?

Check out the preview clip for "Breaking Bad" season 5, episode 8 "Gliding Over All" below: