'Breaking Bad' Season 5 First Images... and a Movie?

'Breaking Bad' Season 5 First Images... and a Movie? As tight-lipped as AMC was about "The Killing" all this time (the killer was revealed this week, you know), the upcoming--and final--season of "Breaking Bad" has been very hush-hush as well. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe these brand-new images from "Breaking Bad" season 5 can provide a few hints.

The first photo comes from EW, and features Walt and Skylar in bed... but not exactly in a loving, domestic way. Skylar is clearly worried, and Walt broods as we see his reflection in the mirror. Considering that Skylar knows what Walt did ("I won"), her view of him is likely going to change.

The next image, courtesy of Vulture, shows Walt and Jesse enjoying some snacks and watching TV. It seems that, at least at first, Jesse is none the wiser as to what Walt has done to him and those he loves. The question is, are they just enjoying a game, or watching some bad news? Also, does this mean they're cooking in Jesse's house again?

The third set of pictures comes from TV Guide, and are more of a promotional set with Walt (in Heisenberg headwear) and Jesse look through a plate of crushed meth, a shot that has been used multiple times in the show.

Oh, and one more juicy tidbit: Bryan Cranston has noted that the general consensus on the show is that they have "too much story" to cover in a mere 16 episodes. The solution: a potential "Breaking Bad" movie. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Of course, that would depend on Walt living through the final season...

Check out the images below, via Collider:

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