'Breaking Bad' Video: Watch Every Badass Walter White Moment

'Breaking Bad' Video: Watch Every Badass Walter White Moment What's your favorite Walter White moment? Over the course of four seasons of "Breaking Bad," we've seen Walt make the transformation, as Vince Gilligan once put it, "from Mr. Chips to Scarface." And with that transformation came many badass moments, including a few kills.

So, in honor of the upcoming fifth and final season of "Breaking Bad," the Huffington Post has put together a supercut of all of Walt's biggest badass moments, and all of his kills. Obviously, the video is a big spoiler if you haven't seen all of the episodes up until now, so... spoiler alert and all that.

Of course the big ones are shown in the video, including Walt's orchestrations to get rid of Gus, the moment with Tucco, and Walt's first kill in the basement of Jesse's house. But you could also consider that plane crash to be Walt's doing, which would add a much larger body count to his tally.

Extra kudos for including some of those shots from the pilot of Walt holding Hank's gun, juxtaposed with Walt using a gun of his own. Not bad.

Check out the video below:

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