'Breaking Bad': Watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Tease Season 5 [Video]

'Breaking Bad': Watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Tease Season 5 [Video] When you watch Bryan Cranston as the sometimes despicable, always serious Walter White on "Breaking Bad," it's easy to forget that he's a pretty funny dude.

But in this teaser video for "Breaking Bad" season 5, it's all laughs: Cranston talks to us on the set, pointing out some "pampered actors" and ranting about umbrellas. He is joined by Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse Pinkman), and the two of them tease the next season... while also managing to not reveal anything.

Paul promises that it'll be a pretty crazy ride, while Cranston notes that, just off camera, there's a scene being shot that would reveal juicy plot details. Of course, we don't get to see them. But they're there.

While it hasn't been officially confirmed that "Breaking Bad" season 5 will indeed be the final one, it is certainly looking that way. Cranston himself told EW that the upcoming 16 episodes would be the last, and that the order would be split into two parts: one airing this summer, and the other airing sometime in 2013.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston teasing "Breaking Bad" season 5:

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