'Breaking Bad': Watch a Fantastic Tribute Video to Walter White

'Breaking Bad': Watch a Fantastic Tribute Video to Walter White SPOILERS! So many spoilers ahead. If you haven't caught up on "Breaking Bad," you will definitely want to hold off on watching this video.

But when you do catch up, come back, because this thing is pretty good.

There are many themes to "Breaking Bad," such as the dangers of ego and greed and the unforseeable consequences of one's actions. But you could argue that the central focus of the show is Walter White's transformation, as creator Vince Gilligan once put it, "from Mr. Chips to Scarface."

When we first meet Walt, he's a nebbish, soft-spoken high school chemistry teacher who is physically weakened by cancer and lacks the confidence to stand up to even his own brother-in-law. By the midpoint of this fifth and final season, though, we have seen Walt turn into a bona fide (in his mind, at least) drug kingpin who has murdered more than one person himself, and many others as a direct or indirect consequence of his actions and orders.

This fantastic fan video, uploaded by YouTube user UltraBrawl, shows that transformation from start to almost-finish, recapping Walt's journey from season one to the present. The editing is very nicely done, especially with the juxtaposition of Walt's heartfelt and tearful video to his family, set against his actions of the last eight episodes and his near future with the M60 in his trunk. The music, which was composed by Zack Hemsey, is also a very nice touch.

Check out the fan-made Walter White tribute below:

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