Irony: Bristol Palin Earns $262,000 For Abstinence Work

Irony: Bristol Palin Earns $262,000 For Abstinence Work Back in 2009, after having just become a new (unwed) mother, Bristol Palin became an advocate for The Candie's Foundation, which works to educate teens about safe sex and pregnancy. Irony aside, Palin put in some good work with the organization, which has also recruited stars like Hilary Duff.

Well, according to tax information reported by the blog Palingates, Bristol earned about $262,000 for her work in 2009 alone. That's almost as much as the $345,000 she earned on "Dancing with the Stars."

"DWTS" fans might remember the PSA Palin did with The Situation, in which she stated that she was practicing abstinence until marriage "for real."

Of course, it's great that Bristol's situation lead her to put in work with the organization. It doesn't much matter who it's coming from, telling teens to practice safe sex (or abstinence in this case) isn't a bad thing. But I highly doubt that the people who volunteer at Planned Parenthood and work with nonprofits like these for a living make $250 grand a year. And I'm sure there are a few of them who had unexpected pregnancies themselves.

What do you think? Is it ridiculous that Bristol earned this much? Or does she have that privilege, being a celebrity (of sorts)?

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