Bristol Palin's Son Kills His First Reindeer at Age 9

Bristol Palin's Son Kills His First Reindeer at Age 9

Remember the first time you killed something? Teen Mom Bristol Palin wants her 9-year-old son to remember fondly his first kill, and she's taken to Instagram to preserve the memory. Young Tripp Plain's grandmother Sarah also shared the momentous event. Read on for details.

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Bristol Palin is one proud mama.

The new Teen Mom OG star, 27, shared an Instagram photo of her oldest son, Tripp, alongside his father, Levi Johnston, posing in front of a dead caribou —  which is very closely related to reindeer — with a hunting rifle.

Palin, who is originally from Alaska, couldn’t help but gush about her 9-year-old son’s “incredible life learning experiences” in her caption.

“So proud of my son, and super thankful for his dad and stepmom for providing him with such incredible life learning experiences at such a young age!! #provider #fillingthefreezer,” Palin wrote.

She added, “(and please before you start calling peta – remember where your beef/chicken come from.. it doesn’t get more organic than this).”

Sarah Palin, Tripp’s grandmother, also shared the photo on Tuesday and couldn’t stop gushing about her pride in his “successful harvest.”


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“My grandkids’ smiles say it all: ‘There’s no WiFi out here, but there is no better connection!’ Proud of Tripp’s successful harvest with his dad; thankful my own dad taught us to hunt & harvest, conserve, get outdoors, eat organic, appreciate Alaska’s uniqueness, & respect America’s freedoms! 🇺🇸🏔,” she wrote in the caption.

“There are many paths to take throughout life ~ I recommend you choose some that are dirt and tundra🏕🇺🇸,” she added.

The former Alaska governor also shared a photo of herself hunting with her father in what appears to be a family tradition for them.

In July, the younger Palin made headlines when she confirmed she had signed on to join the cast of MTV’s Teen Mom OG.

Palin shared a photo of herself and her three children — including daughters Sailor Grace, 2, and Atlee Bay, 15 months — and a small camera crew in the background.

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