Britney Spears Bought WHAT For Justin Timberlake??

Britney Spears Bought WHAT For Justin Timberlake?? What is the perfect wedding gift to get your ex-boyfriend and his amazingly beautiful and talented fiancée?

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably thinking poison, but if you’re Britney Spears, things are a little different.

For the newly engaged Justin Timberlake and his smoking hot lady, Jessica Biel, the troubled pop star reportedly bought the two quite a gift to celebrate their upcoming nuptials—a week-long stay on a private island.

How much is this sweet gesture costing the “X-Factor” diva?

A cool $20,000. Ya know, nothing special.

Apparently Spears is looking to mend fences between herself and Timberlake, and to “thank Justin for always being there for her.”

However this is all allegedly on the hush hush, because let’s not forget that Miss Britney herself is recently engaged to Jason Trawick, and nothing sends up red flags like spending a buttload of money on your ex, right?

“Jason has no idea. Brit’s been reaching out to a lot of old friends and is trying to build bridges. But Jason doesn’t trust her friends. He thinks she’s too unstable for a regular life.”

Ouch, Jason. If the girl’s not chopping off her hair and attacking people with umbrellas, let it mellow. Everyone needs a friend, right?

Besides, the wild child has been pretty subdued lately—at least to the media—and seems almost well-adjusted and downright fresh-faced.

Her stint on “X-Factor” is probably helping. The show has a two-night premiere this Wednesday and Thursday, so you can tune in and judge for yourself.

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