Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian--Not Speaking, and Guess Who's to Blame?

Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian--Not Speaking, and Guess Who's to Blame? Kim Kardashian, why you cause so much trouble??

Sources say Bruce Jenner, who, from the little I’ve seen of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,” is the only one in the family with any reasoning skills, is upset by his stepdaughter Kim’s choice of beau.

No, not the one who probably gave her herpes, the one who wants to completely change everything about her.

Mom Kris Jenner and Kardashian’s passel of siblings, however, are on board with the coupling and have spoken highly of Kanye West. So why is dad so angry?

Well, it doesn’t help that West’s new hit, “Perfect B*tch,” was written about the lady he’s helped raise and care for.

“Bruce didn’t like Kanye from the start. He thinks he’s crass—and disrespectful! He told Kim she’d better take a serious look at ALL her failed relationships—and figure out why she keeps falling for the wrong type of guy. Bruce said, ‘You’re never going to be in a successful relationship if you keep going out with men like Kanye!’”

Kardashian reportedly snapped back that Jenner never liked any of her boyfriends anyway and stormed out, probably to call up her BFF and complain that her parents just, like, don’t get her, and she wishes she’d never been born!

Because she’s twelve, and reportedly Kardashian won’t even speak to Jenner now.

So why should we care?

We shouldn’t. Seriously. It’ll probably all end up on their reality show anyway, so if you are truly interested, just bide your time. Like they'd give up the opportunity to air dirty laundry on television.

However I do feel for Jenner; he seems like a decent guy and he’s got his hands full with that set of kids. Nothing like teenagers swirling around stripper poles and sex tapes to try and deal with as a father. Honestly it shows character on his part that he wants Kardashian to find someone more respectful.

But she won’t. Because she’s Kim Kardashian and we’d probably be even less interested (if possible) in her dating life if she locked down some stable guy who treated her decently.

Where’s the entertainment in that?

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