'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston to Play Villain Opposite Colin Farrell In 'Total Recall' Remake

Bryan Cranston gets plenty bad in "Breaking Bad," but he's about to get even badder.

Cranston has been tapped to play the villain in the upcoming remake of "Total Recall." The remake, which will star Colin Farrell, seems to take a new approach from the original Schwarzenegger version, which starred Ahnold as a man whose implanted memories start to meld with his own reality. The new version seems to be a bit more political, and has Farrell as a man who believes himself to be a spy.

Cranston will be playing the role of Vilos Cohaagen (sounds exotic), who is the leader of one of Earth's two nation-states, "Euroamerica."

For a long time, Cranston was just "that guy who plays the dad in 'Malcolm in the Middle,'" but his incredible performances in "Breaking Bad" have earned him a new career in film. Cranston recently appeared in "The Lincoln Lawyer" and is set to appear in everything from "Larry Crowne" to Disney's sci-fi epic "John Carter of Mars."

I'm a huge Cranston fan after becoming hooked on "Breaking Bad," so it's great to see that he's getting work...especially villainous work!