'Buffy' Star Charisma Carpenter to Guest on 'Burn Notice'

'Buffy' Star Charisma Carpenter to Guest on 'Burn Notice' The fifth season of USA Network's "Burn Notice" is about to get a little injection of charisma... Charisma Carpenter that is. The "Buffy" and "Angel" veteran will guest star in the 11th episode of the show as Nicki, a sharp-tongued trophy wife.

Carpenter is most famous for her portrayal of another sharp-tongued queen bee; Cordelia Chase on the cult supernatural hits "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel."

She spent a combined 8 years between the two shows as Cordelia, a high school mean girl who later became a supernatural crime fighter. She was much loved by fans for her witty retorts and her abhorrence of tact, which in the words of her character was just "not saying true stuff".

Her character in "Burn Notice" will get caught between Jeffrey Donovan's Michael and Gabrielle Anwar's Fiona when they go after her bioweapons engineer husband, according to TVLine.

Carpenter should know how to play a "high-maintenance trophy wife" since her stint as Kendall Casablancas on "Veronica Mars" was a very similar role. Perhaps she's being pigeon-holed as the ultimate mean-girl, but it's a part she plays better than almost anyone else.

The actress, who recently turned 40, talked up the show to TVLine at the Thirst Project Gala in June. She confessed that she loved both "Burn Notice" and USA sister-show "White Collar". Carpenter gushed that cable networks were pumping out the quality shows and now she has the opportunity to play a part in one!

Personally, I can't think of a single show that couldn't be improved by a little injection of Charisma Carpenter. And although it looks like she'll be playing within her wheelhouse, there is nothing more fun than hearing Carpenter deliver a perfectly bitchy bon mot.

What do you think about the news? Excited? Do you think Carpenter has been typecast as the bitchy sidekick? Do you care as long as she's back on television again? Sound off in the comments below!

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