'Bully' Minorly Edited, Gets Its PG-13 Rating

It looks like The Weinstein Company and the MPAA may have finally reached an agreement on the rating for the documentary "Bully." As we have reported before, the MPAA was taking a harsh stance for an R rating due to the language in the movie, but Weinstein refused to edit the movie, claiming that the message would be watered down if some of the harsh language was taken out.

The previous solution was for The Weinstein Co. to release the movie unrated, leaving it up to the theaters' discretion as to who could see it. AMC Theaters seemed fine with that, but Regal and Carmike Theaters... well, they weren't.

With the wide release on April 13 looming, though, it seems at though Weinstein and the MPAA have reached an agreement: an earlier scene that contains a few F-bombs will be edited, but a pivotal scene that has three of the same word used against a bullied child will be kept intact with full audio.

It is usually the policy of the MPAA to limit F-words to just one or two, and used only as an expletive and not in a sexual or threatening manner. The Weinstein company considers this a win, and claimed that if the scene in question had been edited as well, they would have continued with their unrated release.

So, "Bully" will now be PG-13, and kids across the nation can choose to ignore it rather than be forced to. Unless, of course, we can get another online petition going to make the movie required viewing in schools...