Cancellation Watch: 'The Playboy Club' the First Victim of the Fall TV Season

Cancellation Watch: 'The Playboy Club' the First Victim of the Fall TV Season The fall TV season has claimed it's first victim. All those who had "The Playboy Club" as casualty zero in their cancellation pool did well today. For those few fans of the NBC "Mad Men" rip-off, this is a sad day.

It's not all bad news over at NBC. While the girls will be hanging up their bunny tails for the last time, two sitcoms got a vote of confidence from the network.

Freshmen sitcoms "Up All Night" and "Whitney" both received full season pick-ups. Not surprising considering how well comedies have been doing in the rating so far this season (really the only thing doing well) and NBC's lean development slate.

Even on ailing NBC, "The Playboy Club's" anemic ratings weren't enough to save the 1960's set sudser. The show premiered with just 5 million viewers, which was the lowest network opening not on the CW. It also took a critical drubbing, with most critics calling it one of the worst shows of the season. Sadly, it'll never have the chance to improve now.

NBC plans to use it's new Mondays at 10 p.m. timeslot to plug "Prime Suspect", probably in the hopes of improving the ratings of their new Maria Bello vehicle. Then come Halloween, Brian Williams will move into that prime real estate with his new news show "Rock Center."

For "Whitney" and the "Up All Night," the season pickup is a good sign.

The vote of confidence for "Up All Night" is not entirely unexpected. While not doing giant numbers, the show has been doing well (for NBC well at least) and was generally well liked by critics. It also gives NBC a foothold to expand comedies to Wednesday night, which has worked amazingly well for ABC with "Modern Family." It doesn't hurt that show stars Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate are all comedy superstars.

The "Whitney" pick up is a little more unexpected. The show has been doing respectable but not fantastic in the ratings in it's spot after "The Office" on Thursday nights. More troubling is that the show has yet to find much traction with viewers or critics. In fact, the show is one of the worst reviewed of the crop of new fall shows. Perhaps NBC wants to give the Whitney Cummings starring sitcom a shot.

What do you think of NBC's pick up and cancellation decisions? Heartbroken over "The Playboy Club"? Excited about "Up All Night"? Confused about "Whitney"? Sound off in the comments!

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