Captain Marvel Won't Be on Netflix

We knew that at some point Disney was going to stop putting its Marvel movies (and all its other hits) on Netflix in favor of the studio's own streaming service. Now we know which Marvel movie will first mark the landmark switch. Read on for details.

Via Deadline.

The beginning of the No-Netflix Era for Disney is officially at hand.

Captain Marvel, which comes out March 8, will be the first title held back from Netflix and instead ticketed for Disney+, the high-profile streaming service coming by the end of 2019, CEO Bob Iger confirmed Tuesday. CFO Christine McCarthy estimated the “forgone” near-term opportunity from this and other releases in 2019 would cut operating income by about $150 million.

The executives offered the guidance during Disney’s conference call with Wall Street analysts to discuss the company’s better-than-expected first-quarter numbers. They promised more clarity on April 11, when the company plans a major demo of the Disney+ app, as well as an in-depth discussion of its financial impact. Still, Iger held forth at some length, pointing to the running start the company would have on the tech side, with its ESPN+ app already at 2 million subs just nine months after launch.

“What we’re basically trying to do here is invest in our future,” he said. The moves the company has made are “all designed so that long-term this business will become an important part of Disney’s bottom line.” While the company is incurring losses associated with the launch — and will see more forgone licensing revenue as each quarter rolls on, “It’s almost the equivalent of deploying capital to build out our theme parks,” Iger said. “This is a bet on the future of this business.”

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