Carson Daly 'Excited' About Possible Fall Third Season For 'The Voice'

Carson Daly The Voice "The Voice" host Carson Daly won't confirm it. He won't deny it, either. But he doesn't see the possibility that NBC's "The Voice" might air its third season this coming fall as a bad thing, The Hollywood Reporter claims.

"We'd certainly be excited by the opportunity to have a show people are so passionate on again in the fall," Daly said. "The truth is it's a call from the network. We'd obviously be thrilled by it."

It would also make "The Voice" the only show putting up back-to-back seasons squaring off in prime time against both "American Idol" currently and possibly FOX's second round of Simon Cowell's "The X Factor" this fall.

Neither Daly nor reality television King Midas Mark Burnett directly say "yay" or "nay" to the possibility during NBC's Summer Press Day today. Though neither was that forthcoming with anything concrete, producers have already begun third-season auditions, well ahead of when they started looking at hopefuls for the current second season.

The network routinely wins its Monday night slot currently, but would that same success carry over when the weather chills and leaves start falling? It's entirely possible. "The X Factor" looks wounded. Cowell and FOX brass haven't yet named a host that will replace ousted first-season emcee Steve Jones, and though Britney Spears appears close to a deal to become a new judge, there still remains possibly a fourth seat at that table to be filled. It would additionally remain to be seen how airing against "Monday Night Football" might touch ratings.

It's a great deal to take on, but if "The Voice" can trounce "The X Factor" in a ratings war, it's entirely possible that it would establish NBC's talent search as a contender to the "American Idol" throne.

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