In Case You Missed It: Jane Lynch's Emmy-Opening Skit

In Case You Missed It: Jane Lynch's Emmy-Opening Skit Who would've thunk it? Three seasons into "Glee," Jane Lynch - who has probably sung fewer bars than almost any main cast member on the Fox song-and-dance hit - might just be the most identifiable, iconic and entertaining thing about the whole cast.

Maybe that's one reason this works so well. Think about two television personalities that seem instantly entertaining, and you don't necessarily picture Mr. Spock and Sue Sylvester.

But lo and behold, Alec Baldwin pitched another of his famous hissy-fits and we instead got two tall drinks of water kicking off this year's Emmy Awards broadcast.

The famously petulant "30 Rock" star took his ball and ran off a little early for Tony Bennett's New York birthday party when Fox executives killed an alleged joke about the U.K. News Corp phone-hacking scandal that he wanted worked into the skit.

Fox execs didn't think the incident was funny at all, didn't dig Baldwin's joke either, and Baldwin apparently felt that the skit couldn't work without it.

Instead . . . Nimoy.

Not that Lynch was done, mind you. There was still "Jersey Shore" left to skewer.

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