Midseason TV Preview: CBS Premiere Schedule And Trailers

Midseason TV Preview: CBS Premiere Schedule And Trailers So, what’s new with CBS this January? Well, to be honest . . . virtually nothing. A couple missing reality mainstays and one new comedy aside, the network’s slate remains almost entirely unchanged. If it ain't broke, ratings-wise, why fix it?

New Shows:

“Rob!” – Jan. 12 at 9:30 PM ET/PT

With “Rules of Engagement” conspicuous by its schedule absence, enter “Saturday Night Live” and Adam Sandler’s hetero life-mate Rob Schneider picking up the ball. He stars as…ahem…”Rob,” a newlywed that struggles with adapting to his Latina bride’s strong Mexican roots. Starring alongside Schneider? Cheech Marin.

Returning Shows and Timeslot Changes:

The only big changes? First off, "Rules Of Engagement" appears to be on the "Community" hiatus plan, with promises only that it will return "at a later date" to Sundays at 8:30 PM ET/PT.

Similarly, Emmy Award-winning "The Amazing Race" has no midseason-premiere date or timeslot.

It will be replaced on Sunday nights at 8 PM ET/PT with "Undercover Boss."

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