Celebrities Napalm Geraldo Rivera, Mourn Trayvon Martin Via Twitter

Geraldo Rivera Trayvon Martin There's such a thing as "bad timing." Then again, there's also such a thing as "terrible timing."

Amid a national outpouring of support for slain 17-year-old Sanford, Fla. teen Trayvon Martin's family - and an equally fervent demand that George Zimmerman, the night watchman who shot him allegedly in self-defense, be arrested - comes Geraldo Rivera with some weapons-grade, flammable stupid. The former talk show host Thursday evening set off his own Twitter brushfire when he suggested that Martin might still be alive had merely dressed differently the night of Feb. 26 when he walked to a nearby 7-Eleven for a snack.

According to Rivera...

"Parks And Recreation" star Aziz Ansari kept his remark short, but his feelings unmistakable:

Since news of Martin's shooting spread across the nation, donning a hoodie has become a symbol of support to the Martin family, especially celebrities and athletes. Diddy's Friday tweet combined his own hooded in-memoriam but also a swipe right back at Rivera. Saturday, he added a tweet linking to a Change.org petition demanding Zimmerman's prosecution.

Zimmerman is currently protected by Florida's Stand Your Ground Law, which protects individuals from prosecution in gun-related incidents where self-defense is claimed.

Ansari and Diddy's tweets were but the tip of the iceberg. An array of celebrities have poured out their hearts and demanded that Zimmerman face trial.

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