'Celebrity Apprentice' and 'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch Thrown In Jail...Again

'Celebrity Apprentice' and 'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch Thrown In Jail...Again Richard Hatch, who is famous for being the first-ever "Survivor" winner, is going to have to survive another stint in federal prison. The reality star has once again failed to pay his taxes, a problem that landed him in prison for three years a while back.

Hatch has plead innocence in cases concerning his tax evasion, which date back to 2000 when he failed to pay taxes on his $1 million winnings for "Survivor" in addition to earnings from public appearances.

Hatch was sentenced in 2006 but was released in 2009 and given a three-year supervised probation, during which he was supposed to pay the back taxes owed.

Looks like he didn't do it.

So, what does this mean for "Celebrity Apprentice," which premiered last week?

Hopefully not much: the season has already finished shooting, save for one final live episode scheduled for late May. Hatch plans to appeal these charges, but the outlook is grim...Hatch might be behind bars for that final live episode.

Hey, maybe The Donald can get a live satellite link going and Hatch can join the fun from prison!

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