Changes To Come To Showtime's 'Dexter,' 'Nurse Jackie' And Other Originals

Dexter Showtime Changes Showtime's original series lineup is entering its golden years. But like a wisely run professional sports franchise, the elder statesmen will fade into the sunset with a capable next generation ready and able to shoulder more load.

The network's Television Critics Association press tour event in Pasadena had entertainment president David Nevins answering burning questions about preparing farewell tours for some longtime favorites, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Good news certainly awaits in the immediate future: acclaimed originals "The Big C," "The Borgias" and "Nurse Jackie" all return April 8. It's certainly no bad thing either that the network officially picked up seasons seven and eight of its beloved, blood-soaked Emmy juggernaut "Dexter."

But alas, every network has only so many hours' air time. That means that for every sun that rises, another must eventually set. Nevins didn't say the words definitively, but when asked whether this summer's seventh season of "Weeds" would be the show's last, he answered "It's a real possibility."

Likewise, the hourglass seems turned on "Dexter." Nevins reiterated comments he'd previously made to that the Michael C. Hall-led drama's eighth season would probably be the last. That being said, Nevins hinted that if the show goes out seasons from now, it's going out with some marked twists between now and 2013.

Nevins stuck to his guns defending one creative move that had some fans squirming by Season Six's end: the increased sexual tension between Dexter (Hall) and his adoptive sister Deborah (played by Hall's real-life ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter.) He explained that there probably shouldn't be such a fuss, because it's really not an elephant that hasn't been in the room the previous five seasons already.

"I'm aware there's a certain taboo, even though they're not genetically related," Nevins conceded. "It's something that's been building for a number of years. It's an idea that's informed how they've done that show for a long time."

What was really a fresh twist was Deb finally witnessing Dexter offing a serial killer in the climax of this past season's finale. Nevins said his fingerprints are absolutely on that creative move. "I've been pushing to shake up the formula a bit," Nevins admitted. "There's going to be fundamentally different dynamics now. It's time to shake up Dexter so he's not just a lone wolf."

Nevins' comments concerning the Edie Falco-led "Nurse Jackie" didn't suggest the show will be going anyplace anytime soon. In fact, it sounds like with causality catching up to the morally questionable Jackie, the show is headed for an evolution.

"I wanted her to start facing some consequences of her actions, and she does in a big way," he said. "She's absolutely not in the same place as she is in the last seasons. The feel of the episodes is tweaked."

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