Charlie Sheen Comedy 'Anger Management' Draws Lawsuit

Charlie Sheen Comedy 'Anger Management' Draws Lawsuit Blue Star Entertainment producer Jason Shuman claims he was unfairly dropped from former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen's upcoming FX comedy "Anger Management".  He's now headed to court to get his fair cut, Deadline reports.

Shuman's claim filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court includes allegations of fraud, breach of contract misconduct against producer Joe Roth and Revolution Studios. Roth allegedly hired Shuman as a consultant in 2008 to help determine the Revolution properties that could most likely have legs as television series developments. After developing the Ice Cube family-friendly comedy "Are We There Yet?" into a sitcom, Shuman then suggested adopting what has been dubbed the "Tyler Perry syndication model," in which a network builds up enough episodes of a comedy for instant syndication.

After Shuman claimed that Roth didn't adequately compensate him for work on the "Are We There Yet?" sitcom, Roth allegedly tried to "make it up" to him by signing him to an executive producer-credit agreement in 2011 on Revolution's development of the Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson comedy "Anger Management" into a series.

Roth reportedly stopped addressing the project with Shuman circa June 2011, but announced the series' development with Sheen's involvement but giving Shuman no such promised credit. Shuman contacted Roth and Revolution representatives, but all parties reportedly declined honoring the original deal.

"Power and greed are legally inadequate justifications for Joe Roth intentionally failing to honor his contractual obligations," attorney Bryan Freedman, who filed the claim, said. "When Roth realized he would be giving up a significant amount of his ownership interest to bring in Charlie Sheen, he suddenly suffered a self-induced state of amnesia with respect to his moral, ethical and legal duties. Make no mistake, this lawsuit will serve as a wakeup call."

Meanwhile, "Anger Management" premieres June 28 on FX.

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