Charlie Sheen Will Be Roasted by 'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane

Charlie Sheen Will Be Roasted by 'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane Those wily bastards over at Comedy Central had a wise idea when Charlie Sheen was officially replaced on "Two and a Half Men." Why not have a roast of Charlie Sheen on the same night, following the "Men" premiere?

Now, the roast has its official host, or Roastmaster, in Seth MacFarlane. The writer/director/actor is the creator of "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show," and provides character voices for many of the leading characters in the shows. MacFarlane's wit is clear through the quality of writing on his shows, as well as through his Twitter feed, which is worth a follow.

MacFarlane isn't waiting for the day of the roast to start mocking Sheen, either. "I’m very excited to work with Comedy Central again on the roast," said MacFarlane in a statement. "Charlie is a true icon with a talent that is strong and pure and concentrated into small crystals which can be smoked or eaten." Zing!

But to prove he's not all cartoons and insults, MacFarlane is also putting together a reboot of the classic science program "Cosmos," originally hosted by Carl Sagan.

As for Sheen, he'll be moving on to a new TV series based on the movie "Anger Management" after getting his ass handed to him at the Roast.

The "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" will shoot on September 10th and air on September 19th at 10pm.

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