'Charlie's Angels' Crew Member Fired After Getting Grabby

'Charlie's Angels' Crew Member Fired After Getting Grabby The job market's bad enough, folks. Take a lesson: don't make it more difficult by bolting a firing by one of the four major networks for a sexual harrassment incident to your resume.

That's precisely what TMZ reports one now-former ABC employee faces after he couldn't resist a little grab-@$$ on the set of the network's "Charlie's Angels" reboot.

The, erm, "playful" crew member got a little touchy-feely with star Minka Kelly by giving her a friendly pat on the tush, as the gossip blog tells it. Kelly, in turn, felt compelled to remind him this wasn't an NFL locker room.

"Please don't ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again," she allegedly chewed him out.

Word got back to ABC executives. One thing led to another. This is, after all, a Disney-owned company. The ol' Zero Tolerance hammer was brought down, the offender was fired and he was also given a ban from the set as a lovely parting gift.

If it hadn't happened now, it might've happened later: it was supposedly known that the crew member's history included multiple such allegations and incidents. Still, Kelly apparently didn't want the man fired and felt bad afterward that he'd lost his job. Reports have even already been debunked that Kelly actually decked ol' Grabby Gus one over the incident.

To the contrary, TMZ reports: she was actually friendly with him, and knew that he'd moved his whole family specifically for this particular job.

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