Check Out Another Totally Creepy 'American Horror Story' Promo

Check Out Another Totally Creepy 'American Horror Story' Promo How creepy can a TV promo get? Ask "American Horror Story." Just the other day, the show released its first promo teaser, which featured a faceless nun emptying a bucket of what we can only assume is human body parts. Creepy.

Now FX has released a second promo, and it's still quite creepy, but in a different way. In this promo, the nun is back again, this time carrying a blue coat into what is most likely supposed to be the asylum in which the second season will be set. She hangs up the coat while another nun, dressed in black, stands motionless in the corner.

That's not too creepy, right? Well, as the nun sits down close to the camera, we see that she's wearing a blank white mask. And after a moment or two, her eyes shift and she looks straight at you.

Now that's creepy. Maybe not buckets of body parts creepy, but the visuals are still unsettling, as they tend to be with this show.

The premiere date for "American Horror Story: Asylum" isn't set yet, but it will be sometime in October. Check out the promo below: