Check Out the New 'True Blood' Season 5 Teaser Poster!

Check Out the New 'True Blood' Season 5 Teaser Poster! Crying over the fact that there still aren't any new episodes of "True Blood" on your TV right now? Dry your eyes, fangbangers: HBO has released a new teaser poster for "True Blood" season 5, and it promises that you'll get your show back very soon.

The poster is a simple affair, with a close-up of a pale face with a striking blue eye and a single bloody tear. As fans of the show will know, the vampires in the "True Blood" universe will cry blood when they weep. We saw plenty of that when Jessica and Hoyt went through their tumultuous breakup.

This teaser poster is just one of many promotional efforts from "True Blood" in anticipation of the fifth season. A number of clips have also hit, highlighting upcoming scenes between Eric and Pam over the return of Russell, Sam and Luna over potential trouble with the werewolves, Terry and Patrick over a visitor from the past, and Alcide and Sookie, also over the dug-up Russell.

Check out the full teaser poster for "True Blood" season 5 below:

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