Check Out Newest Trailer For 'This is 40'

The second trailer has been released for the (sort of) sequel to the beloved raunchy pregnancy comedy “Knocked Up,” and it has even more laughs than the first.

This second view of the film, due out in Christmas, shows us a more intimate look at the relationship between stars Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, who are reprising their roles as the sometimes constipated, fantasy ball playing couple from the first movie.

The short offers us a few truly tender moments between Rudd and Mann, whose combination of genuine love and genuine desire to be away from each other are eerily realistic.

Although most of us aren’t quite that funny. But it makes the tagline, "This is not just their story. This is everyone's story," seem pretty appropriate.

It also gives us Leslie Mann poking Megan Fox’s totally “real” perky young bosom with vague astonishment and envy. So there’s that.

You're welcome, world.

Key moments are the strangely sweet pillow talk wherein Mann discusses how she would slowly kill her husband with poisonous cupcakes. And, of course, Paul Rudd with a starfish down his tighty-whities.

The movie features a stellar cast including “Bridesmaids’” Chris O’Dowd and Melissa McCarthy, along with veteran comedy greats John Lithgow and Albert Brooks. Also returning to the film is “Knocked Up’s” Jason Segel, who is the only person who can call someone a “boner machine” and make it sound flattering.

Well I’m sold. Even if the movie takes the sad route of a lot of movies these days, and produces no other funny moments than what we’ve already seen in the trailers, I think we could take both of these, mash them together, and, remarkably, end up with something touching but hilarious. With a lot of Paul Rudd in awkward half-nakedness.

Like, a lot.

You can giggle over the newest trailer below: