Chris Brown Has HOW Many Parking Tickets Dismissed?!

Chris Brown Has HOW Many Parking Tickets Dismissed?! Not that I want Chris Brown associated with anything near an all-time favorite movie, but if I may borrow a favorite "The Usual Suspects" line, this guy is protected from on high by the Prince of Darkness.

Still, this tidbit shows that we must all admit that sometimes, even the generally controversial end up unjustly put-upon.

TMZ reported that the troubled and controversial singer-rapper had accrued a staggering 117 parking violations, many claiming he illegally took handicapped-parking spaces at his Los Angeles condo.

Well, Brown took his case to court, and won a more-than-minor victory: 95 violations, dismissed. A little fact-checking by the City of West Hollywood showed that Brown parked in exactly his designated spot those 95 times.

Prepare to cringe: Brown would've owed $15,000 in fines, had the citations stuck. I don't care if you're a millionaire or a hobo who parallel parks a shopping cart; fifteen-grand is fifteen-grand.

He's not entirely free-and-clear. That's 95 tickets down, but 22 violations that remain on his tab.

For the record, this looks like it started over some particularly sour grapes. Brown's West Hollywood neighbors made a stink to the probation officer assigned to Brown over his domestic battery case involving he and ex-girlfriend and fellow pop-R&B star Rihanna. His neighbors first made the complaints that Brown constantly took handicapped spaces, as well as that his loud music disturbed them at all hours and that he had a penchant for vandalizing property.

The West Hollywood prosecutor assigned to the case took the complaints to court, and informed the judge that the local homeowners' association would deliver his probation officer a letter detailing the various laws he'd allegedly broken.

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, called one complainer "a nut" and asserted that Brown had been misled by the building's management over his designated spot.

Brown plead guilty to one felony criminal threatening charge in 2009 in his battery case involving Rihanna, and agreed to performing community service and five years of probation. The worst most could say about Brown since has been that he's got an affinity for politically incorrect slurs toward gays, but as of yet, that's nothing that earns anyone jail time.

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