Chris Brown Sells $1000 Puppies, Is Still a Total @&*$

Chris Brown Sells $1000 Puppies, Is Still a Total @&*$ In what is no doubt an attempt to repair his public image, singer Chris Brown has started a new business venture with his mother, Joyce Hawkins, and it's all about puppies.

Hawkins tweeted the announcement of their new website CB Breeds, with the subtle teaser "CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE." Sure enough, the website lists eight different pit bull puppies, each of them about two months old, on sale for $1,000 each.

It looks as though the venture is mostly Hawkins' deal, but Brown is definitely in on it. Not only is his name on the site (which also features a picture of him holding a puppy, naturally), but Brown tweeted about the site as well:

Is this an attept to repair Brown's image after he beat Rihanna years back? We've seen Brown repeatedly botch his PR following the incident, including one instance when he said all of his haters should now "f*ck off" because he has a Grammy. Obviously we didn't forget about his horrible and violent mistreatment of another human being after he won a shiny gold award, so presumably we're supposed to see this and say "oh look, puppies!" and see Brown as a senstitive and cuddly type.

The absurdity of that notion aside, here's why Brown is still a complete sh*thead: he, an already incredibly wealthy pop star, has the nerve to sell pit bull puppies for $1,000 apiece when there are so many pit bulls in animal shelters across the country that need adoption. Because of myths about the agression of the breed, some areas have instituted bans on owning pit bulls, in some cases leading to the euthanizing of pit bulls who can't find a home. Pit bulls are also often the victims of dogfighting rings, leading a life of torture and barbaric training before being killed in a fight or by their owner.

If Chris Brown and his mother have pit bull puppies that need homes, why can't they just give them away to properly vetted owners?

You know, I guess Brown and his mother could just really use some extra cash. So maybe instead of rescuing a pit bull from a local shelter, you should buy one from them and help Brown buy his girlfriend another $100,000 Porsche.

Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central or visit your local animal shelter for more information on the pit bull breed and adoption.

In closing: Chris Brown still sucks.