Chris Brown's Girlfriend Reacts to Rihanna's Interview

Well there’s one more person upset by Rihanna’s interview with Oprah, where the “Battleship” star and singer confessed that she and her ex, the face-smacking and biting crooner Chris Brown, will always love each other.

Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Oh yeeeah. There’s someone maybe both Rihanna and Oprah should have considered before delving into the details about the star’s still-burning torch.

A friend of Tran reported:

“If Karreuche ever thought she stood a chance of being Chris’ main b*itch, she can forget that now. She watched Ri on ‘Oprah’ and the girl was cying. She saw how much Chris and Ri love each other, on TV no less, and it made her shed some tears. Chris always told her Rihanna was his true love and now Rihanna told the whole world that too.”


An insider also had some really great things to say about Brown, too, that really put this whole situation into perspective:

“You gotta give it to Chris though because he ain’t trying to hurt nobody. She d*amn well know how he felt… But I want you to know Chris ain’t no pimp like that. He ain’t trying to hurt Ri or KT or anybody. He’s just being real and keeping the game 100.”

Ok. So many issues with that statement and most of them revolve around the assurance that Chris Brown isn’t trying to hurt anybody. Maybe because I remember pretty well when photos of Rihanna’s face punched into a messy pulp hit the internet, and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to hear “hurt” and “Chris Brown” in the same sentence without cowering in the corner.

This whole situation, really, is all kinds of a cluster. Rihanna’s interview where she confessed her love for Brown is something that Oprah should have, honestly, considered just not airing.

I understand that first loves are a big deal, but Brown beat the crap out of her because she pretty much called him out on cheating on her. I don’t think that’s forgivable, and I think Oprah airing it encourages girls to think it’s okay to be abused, as long as they really love the guy.

And as far as Kerreuche Tran goes, yes, I think it would be unbelievably horrible to watch your boyfriend’s extremely rich and famous girlfriend discuss how much she misses the man you cook eggs for, but maybe she should just count her blessings that she hasn’t had her nose broken yet, and cut and run.