'Captain America' Chris Evans Has Sleep-over With GQ Reporter; Tony Stark Says, 'Atta Boy!'

Chris Evans, we think an explanation is in order. Not from you to us. From us, to you.

You’ve been given a pass for your part in the cinematic desecration of “The Fantastic Four.” Actually, you were one of the more entertaining parts. But if you’re going to stick around the Marvel Universe, get something straight: you’re Captain America. You’re stealing Tony Stark’s schtick.

GQ and Reuters both report that Evans apparently celebrated America’s free press by canoodling with GQ writer Edith Zimmerman when Zimmerman arrived during shooting of “Captain America: The First Avenger” for a feature interview with the multi-franchise star.

The two apparently met up for the chat one evening at a Santa Monica bar, and the “interview” ended with Zimmerman leaving Evans’ home at around 5:30 in the morning.

Zimmerman herself admits that she never so much as opened her notebook.

"Chris kept up frequent hand holding and lower-back touching,palm kissing and knee squeezing. He's an attractive movie star, no complaints," she wrote. She also took great pleasure in joining him outside for a smoke, though she’s not a smoker herself. "When you share [a cigarette] with a movie star, they're amazing."

Oh, but things didn’t end there. In fact, Evans invited her to join him for a party, and it sounds like Zimmerman got a little . . . . creepy?

"I said I was going to call a cab, but Chris laughed and insisted on his driver taking me back to my hotel," she wrote. "In the vast backseat, Chris was even more flirtatious than before, touching my arm and my knee."

"At this point, which was a number of drinks in, it was easy to forget that it really was an interview, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind that something might happen (and that we'd go to the Oscars and get married and have babies forever until we died?)."

So the night ended with a sleep-over at Evans’ place, after which she took a cab home the next morning and left her jacket. She doesn’t remember much, wonders if Evans was being real or manipulative, but bonus: they’re Facebook friends now.