Chuck Lorre Plans 'Two and a Half Men' Reboot...Without Charlie Sheen

Chuck Lorre Plans 'Two and a Half Men' Reboot...Without Charlie Sheen Movie reboots have been getting closer and closer to their it looks like the same might be happening with TV shows.

Chuck Lorre is indeed planning a "reboot" of "Two and a Half Men" without the troublesome Charlie Sheen, and the new version of the show is beginning to take shape. So, what will it look like? According to THR, Lorre has told Cryer that he will have a "significant role" in the new show.

That's not much of a surprise, as Cryer is the remaining star. The real question is who will fill Sheen's shoes and bowling shirt? Names of a whole slew of stars have been mentioned, including Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget, and Jeremy Piven (all of whom would be fantastic, by the way), but Warner Bros. has so far denied all of those rumors.

There is also the possibility that "Two and a Half Men" will opt for a revolving door of sorts for the other starring role, and bring in a different celebrity every week or every few weeks to keep things interesting. Not only would it be a great promotion for the show's return (audiences love guest stars), but it would allow CBS to decide whom to keep based on audience response.

Meanwhile, Sheen is suing Lorre and Warner Bros. for $100 million while simultaneously trying to make his way back onto the show. Those in charge, however, have remained firm in saying that it just isn't going to happen.

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