'The Cleveland Show' Season 4, Episode 16: 'Who Done Did It?' Recap

'The Cleveland Show'  Season 4, Episode 16: 'Who Done Did It?' RecapThe Cleveland Show”, season 4, episode 16, “Who Done Did It?”

The Brown family attends a silent auction at the high school. They run into Freight Train (Cleveland’s dad), who reveals himself as female mystery writer Jocelyn Elderwood, since only female mystery authors sell. He is offering a mystery writing master class.

Elsewhere, Donna has a booth set up, trying to get bids on her recorder lessons. She is taunted by Arianna and her Closet Organization booth. A bidding wars breaks out between Mrs. Stapleton and Mrs. Waterman over the Closet Organization, ending with a bid for $2,000. Arianna taunts Donna again, and they get into a fight.

When they get home that night, Cleveland decides to take the dog for a walk and get revenge for Donna by egging Arianna’s house. And peeing in her yard.

The next morning, Donna finds out Cleveland egged her house and wants to ‘thank him’. She points out some other people who have been mean to her, asking Cleveland to take care of them.

A montage ensues of him egging another house.

Meanwhile, Freight Train tries to tell Rollo and Junior the secrets of mystery writing.

Donna gives Cleveland another name, and another egging ensues. However, when he throws the egg at Mrs. Waterman, she falls forward into her soup, dead. Cleveland runs home and panics.

Cleveland wants to call the police, but Donna tells him that they’ll make a run for it. But it would be wiser to stay and act normal.

The next day at work, Cleveland’s guilty conscience gets the best of him and he admits to just about everyone that he killed Mrs. Waterman. And that he peed in her yard.

Meanwhile, Rollo and Junior pitch mystery story ideas to Freight Train, but he shoots them down, saying they can’t work. They ask to see his next novel, but they find that all the pages are blank. He says that his inspiration is gone and he’s done for.

The next day, with Cleveland away at prison, Freight Train busts into the house and says that Cleveland didn’t kill Mrs. Waterman. They ask how he knows, and he says he doesn’t. But his writing alter ego Jocelyn Elderwood has a hunch, and solving the case would be just the thing to get him/her back on the top of the Amazon self-published list.

Freight Train goes over the facts with Rollo and Junior, pointing out that Cleveland can’t throw hard enough to kill anyone. And they next need to investigate the corpse.

In his prison cell, Cleveland is put into a cell with a man who he convicted over 19 years prior. He tells Donna and begs for help.

At the morgue, they get the autopsy results: DBE (Death By Egg), but Junior wants to see the body. They sneak into the back and go over the body. Freight Train finds that her throat was closed and she died from anaphylactic shock from someone in the soup she was eating. Junior determines it to be Jasmine Peanut Oil. And Mrs. Stapleton had it at the silent auction.

The three of them confront Mrs. Stapleton who says she was out of the city the night Mrs. Waterman died. But they go to check the oil and find the bottle mostly empty. They see a trail of footprints. They determine it to be a man’s foot, wearing Sketcher Shape-Ups. Mrs. Stapleton says that Mr. Waterman wore them.

At the funeral, the three of them burst in and accuse Mr. Waterman of killing his wife. He denies it by saying that he is allergic to peanuts as well, and he couldn’t have. Freight Train splashes him with peanut oil, and he fakes anaphylactic shock.

In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Mr. Waterman and the coroner are revealed to be lovers. Mr. Waterman boasts about how easy it was to kill his wife. The ambulance pulls over, and the driver turns out to be Donna, who recorded his confession.

Mr. Waterman is arrested for murdering his wife.

One year later, the family celebrates, but realize that they never released Cleveland from prison.

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