Watch a Preview of Tonight's Dramatic 'Dexter' Season Finale

Watch a Preview of Tonight's Dramatic 'Dexter' Season Finale No matter how you shake it, Dexter's kid Harrison is gonna be one super f'ed-up little baby. First he, like his father before him, had to witness the death of his mother Rita in the most brutal of fashions - at the hands of a serial killer.

And now, but the looks of the preview for the season finale of "Dexter," running this Sunday night on Showtime, the littlest Morgan will face the very realistic prospect of becoming a human sacrifice to yet another serial killer.

In season six, Dexter has seen a cavalcade of "big bads," including Edward James Olmos and bad-guy-turned-good Mos Def. But his stiffest compeition to date has come from Travis (Colin Hanks), aka "The Doomsday Killer," who needs only sacrifice a human baby to finish off his elaborate apocalyptic ritual and bring about what he blieves will be the coming of a vengeful Lord.

And wouldn't you know it? Travis knows that his arch-enemy Dexter has a son. Any way you slice it (pun intended), this is really just not gonna be good.

Even if he does escape, the kid could end up making Dexter look like Ned Flanders.

Watch the season six finale trailer for "Dexter":

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