Watch The 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Trailer: Every Awesome Thing Ever

Watch The 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Trailer: Every Awesome Thing Ever The world now faces an "awesome" shortage. Because this new "Comedy Bang! Bang!" trailer took of it.

Half the talented people in Hollywood partnered with Funny Or Die to adopt every teaser-trailer cliché moment and cobbled them together into something promoting the IFC comedy series that actually almost makes sense.

David Koechner is taking her off life-support. But David Cross is her daughter. Zach Galifianakis never wanted any of this, but Ed Helms is already gone. All the while, Michael Cera doesn't know who is anymore, and most shockingly of all...Tenacious D aren't friends anymore! It's all a conspiracy that goes all the way to the White House, but Jon Heder has the son of a bitch in his sights.

Also....Weird Al Yankovic runs with an accordian.

Get all of these people together. Make this movie an actual thing, and I promise you here and now, it would out-gross "The Avengers."

Whatever will we do without all of the awesome? Will stuff just be "cool" again? A return to the simpler days of Beavis, Butt-Head and a couch? Because if you're going to set off a cliché-bomb, this is how you do it.

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