Coming Next Week To iTunes: The 'Breaking Bad' Original Soundtrack

Breaking Bad TV Show "Breaking Bad" is winding down. There's nary a thing about the five-season AMC drama that can't be applauded.

That includes a score that does a great deal with precious little.

All told, there's no way composer Dave Porter has gotten the acclaim he deserves, but he gets a jump on that next week: the ASCAP award-winner's orirginal "Breaking Bad" soundtrack will be released Aug. 28 from Madison Gate Records.

The collection features a total of 20 tracks spanning the show's five seasons. The assembled tracks lead off, appropriately, with an extended take of the show's hypnotic main-title theme. From there, it's a walk down Albuquerque's own Memory Lane with self-explanatory titles evoking the evolution of Walter White - from "Smoking Jesse's Pot" and "Baby's Coming," to "Jesse in Mexico," "Parking Garage Standoff" and others.

It's a testament to a score that wheras so many shows and films play emotions and make memories with pitch-perfect placement of pop songs, "Breaking Bad" went a more austere route with understated orchestration that's still so memorable.

Note that Aug. 28's Breaking Bad: Original Score From The Television Series is not to be confused with 2010's Music From The Original Series Breaking Bad.  Feel free to go here to preview the assembled tracks and pre-order the collection from iTunes.

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