'Community' Fans Plan Flash Mob in NYC to Save the Show

'Community' Fans Plan Flash Mob in NYC to Save the Show When your favorite show is in danger of being cancelled, there are a few avenues you can take as a fan to show your support. Petitions and letters to the network are a popular choice. Buying past seasons on DVD or via download also send a message that there are fans out there willing to keep the show alive.

But a flash mob is much more fun than either of those.

That's why a group of dedicated fans are planning on gathering at Rockefeller Center this Thursday to help save their favorite show: NBC's "Community."

The flash mob has been organized (as most are) through social network avenues, using the hashtags #OccupyNBC and #SaveCommunity on Twitter. The hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie has also been frequently used by fans, referring to a joke from season two in which Abed, obsessed with the new NBC show "The Cape," claims that the (already doomed) show will be on the air for six seasons, followed by a movie.

The flash mob is set to meet on Thursday at 1:00pm at 30 Rock, where NBC's headquarters are located. Fans plan to attend wearing fake goatees made out of black felt, a reference to a season three episode that ended with the show's characters in a different timeline deciding to become evil versions of themselves by wearing fake goatees (you had to be there). The goatee has also become a symbol of fan support, with a "Twibbon" of the goatee available for fans to add to their Twitter profile pictures.

Will it work? Not sure, but it's a decent publicity stunt. At this point, though, the show might not need too much help: the network claims that "Community" will return, it just doesn't have a date set yet. It would make fiscal sense to bring the show back for at least one more season, though, for syndication purposes.

So if you're a New Yorker and a "Community" fan, you might want to head over to Rockefeller Center on Thursday at 1:00pm to show your support.

And, for good measure, here are some outtakes from "Community" season two (possibly NSFW for language and Donald Glover's butt):

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