Bad News: 'Community' Pulled from NBC Midseason Line-Up

Bad News: 'Community' Pulled from NBC Midseason Line-Up The show that keeps so many of us smiling may be no more. "Community" has officially been pulled from NBC's mid-season line-up. The network maintains that this is just a matter of it going "on the bench for a bit," but is this a signal of the end?

Not even an hour ago, I was catching up with my second-favorite show on television (nothing beats "Mad Men"), reveling in the fact that "they couldn't BE more or less identical!" was used as a joke. And the show that keeps me smiling throughout the day was doing just that, and now that may be no more.

While NBC is stressing that the absence of "Community" from their midseason line-up is just a matter of it going "on the bench for a bit," fans of other shows cancelled far before their time will recognize that sort of shifty language anywhere.

"Community" has never been a ratings powerhouse on a network now known more for their failures than their successes, but its vocal, ever-supportive fanbase felt that a third season order showed at least a sign of confidence.

After all, it took "The Office" two seasons and "30 Rock" three to become even marginal successes (though the latter has fallen in the ratings ever since, it remains a flagship show for the network).

Beyond its brief statement to New York Magazine, NBC couldn't be more nondescript about their reasons. The aforementioned "30 Rock" will take its timeslot at 8:00pm on Thursdays starting January 12th.

HitFix is reporting the network still has a full season's worth of episodes it's committed to, but it wouldn't be the first time a network has dumped product completely in favor of airing it at all.

The big driving factor in letting "Community" complete its third season is its syndication potential - a full three seasons worth of show makes those rights much more attractive to potential buyers. As it's one of the few remaining sitcoms that doesn't heavily depend on continuity to draw an audience, it should be an attractive buy.

Otherwise, NBC's midseason line-up is no great shakes. The only other show getting dumped is "Prime Suspect," which NBC promoted heavily in August and September and saw almost no result on. "The Firm" will enter NBC's schedule (premiere January 8th, regularly on Thursdays at 10:00pm), as will "Fashion Star" (a reality competition show hosted by Elle McPhearson) and "Are You There, Chelsea?" (formerly "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea;" starting January 11th at 8:30pm).

For those who look at this line-up with dismay, don't totally fret - "Parks and Recreation" will still go strong.